• To have a valid insurance.
  • To practise the parcours independently.
  • Not to be under the influence of alcohol or tobacco.
  • To respect the general rules of this park
  • To comply the specific regulations (Adventure Garden, Top Audace, Parcours nature, Indy Pitchoun).
  • To wear clothes suitable for sport (t-shirt and sneakers) and to attach your hair.
  • For reasons of security there is only the technical equipment provided by INDY PARC accepted on the course.
  • Any behaviour that is dangerous towards oneself or towards others or disrespectful against the environment or the installed games can cause an immediate expulsion.
  • Non-compliance of safety rules causes immediate expulsion without refund.
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke in the park.


  1. We offer you a parcours safeguarded by the valid European standards (NF European Standard EN 15 567 Parts 1 and 2).
  2. We provide you with fitted equipment that is in good condition and well regulated.
  3. We instruct you how to use and handle the equipment (tee initiation CUMEDS).
  4. We advise you all along the route with signboards that you can read before each exercise.
  5. The staff of INDY-PARC can give advice or instructions throughout the course for your safety


  1. Stay attached with 2 karabiners at the red and red and blue life line all along the parcours, especially on the platforms.
  2. Wait until the cable is free before leaving with the pulley on the cable.
  3. Do not forget to install the two karabiners on the red and blue cable for the roller before putting the pulley.
  4. Read the signboards and obey the instructions of security.
  5. Respect and accept the advice and guidance of the INDY-PARC staff along the route.

* : Our responsibility could not be held liable in case of an accident if you do not respect these 5 rules !