Indy-Parc Development

Indy-Parc Development is a company specialized in design, construction and exploitation of forest adventure courses.

The forest adventure course can be delivered ready to use and turnkey.

Our philosophy is to offer a pathway for everyone of the family, opened to the largest number of people in order to enable the whole family to live an adventure full of fun and pleasure.

How does a park appear?

There is no typical forested adventure park strictly speaking ; the constructor adaptes to the ground lie, to the trees and of course to the requivements of the budget.

The forested adventure park may offer several circuits:

  • A “mini-circuit” (between 1 and 2 metres high) for children aged from 3 to 6 whose parents can follow and help.
  • A “children-circuit” (between 4 and 6 metres-high) for children aged from 6 to 12 accompanied by one adult for 2 children.
  • A “family-circuit” (4 to 8 metres-high) for adults and children taller than 1.35 metre.
  • An “audacious circuit” (6 to 15 metres-high) which requires athletic aptitudes and gene-rate strong feelings. This kind of course is short and optional.

Example of configuration:

  • A piece of land from 1 to 4 hectares large.
  • Adult trees sufficiently large and strong.
  • Number of games verying between 40 to 100.
  • Average circuit duration 2-3 hours.
Indy-Parc development

What is an adventure-park?

Sensational parks or adventure parks are play and athlétic installed in natural environment .They target the gene-ral public as well as the compagnies and they are open to everybody : children or adults, people who are fond of sports or not, families, groups, and individuals.

They are generaly constituted of several circuits of different and varied levels. Each course is com-posed of high han-ging games or activities from tree to tree :”Monkey-bridge”, “tyrolienne (or “zipline”), ”footbridge”, etc… These games are made with wire cables, safety nets and wood completely integrated into natural environment and linking these advan-tages to the site.The movement is made possible with the use of specific equipements really secured (climbing harnesses, karabi-ners, pulleys, life-lines, double-longes).

This activity al-lows people to develop play or educative qualities and individually – it allows to surpass oneself, to control one’s emotions, to reach self-suf-iciency – as well as collective qualities within groups or taems, searching for cohesion. These parks are also edu-cational sites for the discovery of natural environment.They are open to the general public to fa-milies (people from 3 years old to 80, each one going at one’s rate).

Your adventure-park:

  • You own woods or forests you would like to valorize.
  • You are searching for a complementary new and growth tourist activity.
  • You are a local community wanting to extend your tourist offer and to give dynamism to your natural spare time activities.
  • You would like to set up in business on your account with a franchise.
  • You want to propose your customers new activities for you factual operations.

Study of the project

The survey allows to estimate the project feasibility this study is going to value the cost of the adventure park and the time necessary for its construction.

We do not execute the economic investigation en the location of the site, nevertheless, because of our own experience we can ex-press a consultative opinion about this point (and morcover very important…).

This survey consiste in 5 phases:

  • Phase 1: Preliminary study of the project taking above all into account the location and the accessibility of the site.
  • Phase 2: Visit of the land and feasibility study, calculation of the road works (access and parkings), shape of the land and of the forest, a study of the clearing of undergrowth, an estimation of the size (volume), rooting of the trees.
  • Phase 3: The laying out of the circuit and the drawing of the games according to the trees and to the aveilable budget.
  • Phase 4: The realization of an estimate quotation for the construction and its maintenance.
  • Phase 5: The start up of the planning of realization.

Other opportunities:

  • Set up en enclosure.
  • Design a tramping throughout the circuit en order to maintain the trees.
  • Supply with the individual protection equipments climbing harnesses, karabiners longes pulleys.
  • Suggest the sale and the marketing (advertising).

Our commitments


We are a company specialized in the design, the construction and the running of forested adventure parks, as well as in the delivery of forest adventure parks “clefs en main”, that is to say ready to function.

  • Preparation of the land, with the pruning of trees, with finishing touches of clearing of undergrowth and ground level.
  • Sanitary control of the trees by an enabled organisation.
  • Delivery of the equipments for the construction (wood, wire cables).
  • Design of the games, of the platforms and their installation.
  • Tests and adjvotments.
  • Construction of the reception chalet.
  • Conformity certificate delivered by an approved office of control.
  • Delivery to the company operator, with the regular procedures of maintenance and management of the circuit.
  • Initial training of the safety staff.


  1. Towards environment:
    • Respect of trees.
    • Integration of the games into the nature.
  2. Towards the people who practice:
    • Safety above all.
    • Play pleasure full of emotions.
    • Disorientation and symbiosis with nature.
  3. Towards the operator:
    • A high-grade provision of service.
    • Following throughout the project.
    • Training of management staff.
Indy-Parc development

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